Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro is one of the most rewarding and exciting Tanzania vacations you could choose. At 19,340 feet, the snow-capped Kilimanjaro dominates the Tanzanian skyline and is certainly an overwhelming sight. The ascent to its peak is a walk rather than a climb, so, despite being a huge mental and physical challenge, no specialist expertise is needed apart from the key word pole pole (slowly Slowly) . So long as you have a good fitness level and a healthy respiratory system definitely you will conquer the summit.

During the climb you will be accompanied by highly knowledgeable and experienced guides and porters. Put simply, these people are incredibly fit; they could run up Kilimanjaro in just a few days. To make your ascent as comfortable as possible, the porters will move ahead of you setting up a camp and prepare delicious  hot meal for you to enjoy on arrival.

About Our Company

Welcome to Masai Warrior Adventures, our company has a team of experienced, caring and dedicated guides. All of them are native and therefore knows how to guide travelers to the natural beauty and wildlife of their native country. They have taken naturalist courses and are excellent game spotters.

All our vehicles are custom-made for safaris to withstand the harsh terrain while offering game-viewing comfort. In addition they are fitted with HF radio communications and all passengers are a guarantee,d window seats.


TripAdvisor Reviews

  Meet the best team on the mountain (Masai Warriors) They were literally the best support system you could ever imagine. I'm not an adventurer and was not even sure I could make it up to Kilimanjaro. These guys were there helping you every step of...More

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